Network Traffic Redirection

Next Generation Steering for Roaming

Maximize roaming revenues by guiding outbound roaming traffic in the right direction based on technology, quality of service, partners or margins.

  • Hybrid Steering

    Redirection is achieved initially with over the air technology followed by maintaining the roamer on the preferred network with signalling-based steering

  • Multiple Redirection Triggers

    Redirection can be triggered based subscriber’s device, location or quality of service

  • Achieve Wholesale Agreement Targets

    NTR can ensure that operators meet or exceed wholesale roaming agreement targets by redirecting based on WSRA inputs

Product Overview

Mobileum's Network Traffic Redirection (NTR) service is an innovative solution that enables mobile operators to proactively influence their outbound roamers' choice of mobile networks when roaming. This allows operators to direct roamers to their preferred partners, resulting in maximized roaming revenues within operator groups.

Out of the box and with easy configuration comes the ability to redirect traffic based on subscriber profile, zone/region, device, technology or quality of service.

Deployed in over 350 networks and 18 of the top operator groups, Network Traffic Redirection is the leading steering solution in the world.

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