LTE Enablement

Fast, reliable, efficient LTE

Provide best-in-class domestic and roaming LTE services to subscribers while minimizing the associated costs

  • NumberSync

    Enables subscribers to manage multiple devices on the network across multiple technologies and powers parallel ringing, call hunting and device priority functions

  • Sync Server

    Provides interoperability to operators across multiple technologies by seamlessly synchronising HLR and HSS network components

  • LTE Roaming Hub

    Provides opportunities for both new and established LTE networks by allowing established operators to offer LTE services to the new operator in a mutually beneficial arrangement

  • LTE 4 All

    Allows operators to defer HSS investment or upgrade by reusing HLR network component for LTE subscribers

  • LTE Roaming 4 All

    Enables subscribers to use LTE while roaming despite not having LTE contract in home operator

  • SmartDRA

    Reduces LTE time-to-market and total cost of ownership with a highly-available scalable DRA solution

Product Overview

Mobileum's LTE Enablement solution provides a smart, world-class solution to operators' LTE problems.

The LTE Enablement solution allows operators to offer LTE usage to subscribers by providing all of the tools necessary to ensure that the operator can live up to the LTE promise both domestically and abroad.

The tools also allow for faster time-to-market for LTE offerings and mutually beneficial partnerships with established LTE operators where required.

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