Personal provides the best connectivity and quality of mobile service in Russia with Mobileum’s Active Testing

Personal are ensuring the quality of their international roaming service of its customers throughout the duration of the World Cup, using remote mobile robots that test the connectivity experience in the stadiums and in other venues with high volumes of tourists. Phase one has already been completed with more than 30 thousand tests carried. These tests showed an optimal connectivity experience for customers with upload speeds of up to 7Mbps.


Buenos Aires, June 2018. Personal, one of the largest mobile communications companies in Argentina, together with Mobileum, the specialist in Roaming Analytics and Travel Prediction, is conducting the first remote Active Testing experience during a World Cup using advanced analytics technology.

This testing allows Personal control the quality of international roaming services received by customers, through mobile robots that ensure real-time control over foreign networks. The Active Testing allows real-time quality and continuity testing of the connection, in order to monitor the connectivity capacity remotely, and give full visibility of the customers experience throughout their stay in Russia.

The aspects of connectivity that are taken into consideration to determine the best customer experience are the quality, coverage of technology and performance in all voice, SMS and data. The results obtained during the first phase of the World Cup testing, showed an optimum quality of service and a satisfactory connectivity experience, with download speeds above 10 Mbps and upload speeds above 7 Mbps.

During the phase one of the World Cup testing, the analysis focused on the cities that host matches and the transport lines that visitors use, paying special attention to connectivity both in the stadiums and the surrounding areas.


About Personal

PERSONAL is the largest mobile communications company in Argentina with more than 19.5 million customers. It offers flexible services and offers over 2G / 3G networks and the deployment of the most powerful 4G / LTE network in the country, which currently reaches more than 1200 locations, including all the provincial capital cities. More than 10.5 million 4G customers can now experience high speed internet navigation with this technology.

About Mobileum

Mobileum offers Roaming and Data Analytics solutions that generate revenue, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation. They focus on specific domains, including roaming, fraud and security, which support CSP’s digital transformation and data monetization strategies. Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform takes their core portfolio technologies, along with advanced customer behavior analysis, into a powerful platform that delivers end-to-end solutions. Mobileum’s market-leading solutions help grow and protect existing revenue streams, as well as generate new revenue through partnering with customers to deliver innovation in the business model. Mobileum has 600 customers in 150 countries, including some of the largest and most progressive countries in the world.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Mobileum also has offices in Argentina, Dubai, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Jordan, Singapore and Dallas.

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