Mobileum launches new research report: The New Rules of Roaming and how Mobile Operators should play to win

March 2018, Cupertino, California Mobileum, the leader in roaming and traveller data analytics, announces new research aimed at telecom service providers looking to understand key trends and identify new opportunities to transform and monetize roaming business in an increasingly disrupted marketplace. A key finding is that initiatives in customer behavorial analytics, and new predictive models, can deliver accurate conclusions of roaming customers, with clear graphical representation of results. An analytics based approach enables operators to take immediate action to improve the customer experience for travellers.

A joint effort by the industry recognised roaming experts, Mobileum, and Juniper Research, the report explores the challenges currently facing operators, including the rise of OTT messaging, social media substitution and the silent roamer problem and offers strategic recommendations to enable operators to monetise roaming traffic. A key finding is that developments in data analytics can help increase ARPU and reduce churn, through new ways to analyse and present data and swiftly act on the findings to improve both network efficiency and end user experience.

By using analytics to detect customer context, operators can offer targeted bundles, tailored to the roamer’s individual sales history and usage. Service bundling increases overall revenues by reducing the silent roamer proportion. By switching to a business model predicated on big data analytics, operators can thereby maximise their future revenues. It involves a sea change in how businesses operate, but significant benefits await if operators take the right approach.

“With the increasing amounts of both network and traveller data available for interpretation and analysis, operators who ignore trends face customer dissatisfaction or customers simply turning off data altogether. Roaming is one area where they can immediately improve the customer experience and provide a mutually beneficial roaming relationship with their subscribers,” said Tim Moran, SVP Product and Offering at Mobileum.

“This research gives operators a clear understanding of the previously unseen opportunities available. As operators and vendors look towards the future of roaming they need to utilize customer data in order to understand the subscriber base and fully engage their customers,” added Tim.

The report is available for download here:

About Mobileum
Mobileum delivers roaming and data analytics solutions that generate revenues, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation. We focus on specific domains, including roaming, fraud and security, that support CSPs’ data monetization and digital transformation strategies. Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform takes our core portfolio technologies, coupled with advanced customer behavioral analytics into one powerful platform delivering end to end solutions. Mobileum’s market leading solutions help to grow and protect existing revenue streams, as well as drive new revenues through partnering with customers to deliver new business model innovation. Mobileum has 600 customers across 150 countries including some of the world’s largest and most progressive Tier ones.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Mobileum also has offices in Argentina, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Jordan, Singapore and Uruguay.

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