Maintaining the integrity of the network, protecting the privacy of its customers, and acting as the defence against criminals and hackers is the focus of our Security Intelligence solutions.

Using our analytics to identify attacks, our solution provides rules that actively block known and new threats that aim to hack, track and hijack mobile communications.


  • SS7 and Diameter Signaling Firewall
  • GTP Firewall
  • Voice Firewalls (including VoLTE, & SIP)
  • SMS Firewalls (to prevent A2P SMS Bypass, and provide Spam Protection)
  • Passive and Active modes of operation
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment and continuous Pen Testing


  • Historic analysis of unusual signaling (e.g. scanning and outlier GT Behavior)
  • Drill down to find new threats
  • Tracking changes in behavior
  • Reporting and searching
  • Full signaling trace


  • Blocking suspicious opcodes/command codes, parameters/AVPs, GTs/hosts
  • Covers all threats identified by GSMA in FS11 (SS7), FS19 (Diameter) & FS20 (GTP)
  • Blocks category 1,2,3 threats including subscribers at home and spoofing. Protects against the latest threats including those not in FS11/19
  • Handles threats to IMS in VoLTE networks
  • Flexible blacklist, whitelist, network configuration for real world signalling
  • Powerful UI with full flexibility on creating custom rules
  • Threat intelligence sharing and quarterly rule updates


  • Blocking suspicious SMS (content, senders)
  • Detect and protect the bypass of the correct routes for A2P messaging and SMS spam