Mobileum’s roaming solutions have been at the heart of hundreds of Operator’s roaming strategies and networks for nearly two decades.

We add to this heritage with innovations on new technologies and regulatory challenges, ensuring that we provide Operators with a best-in-class, next generation roaming network.

Managing roaming customers to deliver services successfully and profitably is a key deliverable for operators.

Our software solutions include customer facing services to improve the user experience and drive revenues; as well as operator facing solutions to reduce operational costs and wholesale charges.


  • Steering of Roaming in International, National and Bordering Networks
  • Roaming Customer Experience Management, including VIP Monitoring
  • Roaming Policy Management
  • Bill Shock Prevention with Roam-Like-At-Home, and Day-pass management
  • Subsidized Roaming
  • Campaign Management
  • Roaming Business Advisor (Wholesale and Retail planning, forecasting simulation, and margin optimization)
  • Sponsored/Multi-IMSI Roaming with support
    for eSIM
  • Least Cost Routing of international voice
    and A2P SMS
  • Virtual Home Environment
  • Local Break Out
  • Roaming Fraud detection and prevention
  • Blockchain solutions for International CLI Guarantee, Roaming Clearing and Settlement,
    and Custom Bundled Roaming Offers.
  • Multiline – International and Domestic
  • In-Roamer solutions
  • CLI Guarantee solutions
  • Internet of Things solutions