In the fraud and revenue assurance space our solutions aim to mitigate risk, maximize revenues and reduce operational costs by leveraging machine learning and AI capabilities.

Our fraud management solutions help protect in real time operators from revenue share frauds, various types of bypass frauds and roaming frauds thereby helping operators ensure accurate traffic routing and accounting.


  • Unique Analytics and AI based solution
  • Detection and Blocking
  • Evidence Packs

Frauds we catch:

  • Voice and SMS SIM Box Fraud
  • International and Domestic Revenue Share Fraud
  • SIP Fraud
  • Caller ID Spoofing Fraud
  • Caller ID Refiling Fraud
  • Subscription Fraud
  • Robocalling Fraud
  • Interconnect Risk Manager
  • STIR/SHAKEN support for
    Caller ID Authentication
  • Wangiri
  • Data Fraud
  • SIM Swap Fraud