Transformation through Analytics

We help CSPs to grow and protect their revenues, innovate new business models and digitally engage with their customers.


We leverage our unique technology platform, Active Intelligence, to deliver innovative analytics solutions in focused areas; in Roaming, Fraud, Revenue Assurance and Security, and in Customer Engagement. 

Adapting to a changing environment.

The communications industry is changing rapidly. The smartphone revolution combined with cloud technology and global connectivity has delivered a platform for innovation which is unprecedented in its potential and which is still at an early stage of development.

These changes mean that the traditional telecoms business model is on its way out. Continued rounds of telecoms capital investment combined with an inflexible cost base and slow evolution in services cannot last. The investment model, the cost base and the culture will all have to change.

Mobileum understands transformation. We have adapted and evolved from our roaming-focused heritage, and have combined our network expertise with analytics and customer engagement technology to provide relevant and valuable solutions for our customers. Our installed base of over 600 customers gives us a great perspective on the changing landscape worldwide, and we understand how customer needs vary by geography and maturity.

Our solutions help to accelerate digital transformation for our customers, enabling CSPs to maintain and grow existing revenue streams as they work to adapt and discover new ones. We want to grow in partnership with our customers, and to create a stronger future in telecoms together.

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