Bobby Srinivasan

Chief Executive Officer

Bobby Srinivasan is the Chief Executive Officer of Mobileum (formerly Roamware) and has been instrumental in transforming the company from a startup into a global leader in roaming and big data analytics.

Andrew Warner

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Andrew is responsible for finance, legal, human resources, information technology and administration functions of the company.

Michèle Campriani

Chief Revenue Officer

Michèle joined Mobileum in June 2017. He drives sales, pre-sales, delivery, support and both the training and education function within the company.

Avnish Chauhan

Chief Technology Officer

Avnish Chauhan is a co-founder of Roamware (now known as Mobileum) and is responsible for setting the company’s technology direction.

V.V.R. Kishore

SVP Operations

V.V.R. Kishore is responsible for all aspects of the roaming business for Mobileum. As one of the founding members, he contributed significantly to successful products like Short Codes, Smart Call Assistant, and Voice Mail Call Completion.

Padraig Stapleton

Chief of Engineering

Padraig has comprehensive experience of developing innovative solutions leveraging ML/AI and Big Data technologies. He leads Mobileum's engineering function and is based out of Cupertino

Ashwin Chalapathy

SVP Global Delivery & Managed Services

Ashwin leads the Global Delivery & Managed Services for Mobileum, and is based out of Bangalore. He has extensive experience in developing innovative business strategies

Paul Gill

General Manager Security Business Unit

Paul has nearly 30 years’ C Level experience in mobile telecoms. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Paul has previously held CFO & COO positions in a range of companies including Aethos, Logica, Apertio and Evolved Intelligence

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