Revenue Leakage is an increasingly critical problem for the energy, power and utilities industry.. Causes like incorrect customer accounts and contracts, faulty metering, interoperability, operators settlements errors, inaccurate/ineffective billing & collections, lack of control in field operations teams  and fraud  contributes for 2% t 5% of losses in the total of companies revenue.

Mobileum has relevant expertise and an extensive experience supporting utilities operators  navigating these challenges

Losses on energy/water

Losses on energy/water

Water and Energy distribution losses became a growing concern all over the world, causing economic costs as well as environmental drawbacks.

The leakage reduction problem as a whole is complex and requires tight coordination between different areas, processes, systems and, in an ever more segmented market, distinct entities (production, distribution, retail etc.)

A continuous automated monitoring approach through our active intelligent platform RAID, is the best solution to increase operational control, reduce undue costs and leakages, as well as to increase revenue.

Losses on toll concessions

Losses on toll concessions

The scarcity of public resources and new economic paradigms have promoted new financing and management models of public roads, namely on toll management, interoperability between different concessions and mobility services, or on how public/private partnerships are financed.

These industries often involves several different entities and complex systems and processes to control and ensure interoperation.

Detecting fraud and revenue leakage in motorway concessions involves a continuous automated monitoring approach. Our active intelligence platform RAID is the best solution to increase operational efficiency, overview the inter-operability between different entities and concessions, avoid undue costs and increase revenue.

Audited processes

Audited processes

With a  continuous automated auditing approach continuously monitors the business operations is  monitored in near real-time, analyzing transactions and triggering call for action when deviations are detected and ensuring that all revenue is collected, preventing fraud, managing the costs and monitoring the operational status of the business. 

A continuous automated auditing approach ensures that business operations are monitored in real time, analyzing transactions and triggering a call for action when deviations are detected. This ensures that all revenue is collected, prevents intricate fraud schemes, keeps cost under control and allows to monitor overall business operations and performance.

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