In order to remain competitive, retailers need to apply more dynamic assortments, pricing policies, aggressive supply chain management and innovative omnichannel approaches.

This increases the risk of operational errors, profit threats and exposure to fraud.

More than ever, retailers must scale-up their profit protection and fraud management solutions, in all areas impacting their P&L, customer service, regulatory compliance and potential brand risks.

The revenue cycle in retail

The revenue cycle in retail

Our solution enables a continuous automated auditing approach with machine learning and predictive algorithms that allows the operational teams to be alerted in real time of cases
that allows operational teams to receive real time alerts about abnormal events in the retail value chain.

Events can be triggered by fraud anomalies, revenue leakages, margin errors, as well as by relevant patterns or operational trends.

A logic of proactive management focused on anomaly detection, can lead to significant profit improvement opportunities.

Retail Key Audited Processes

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