More than ever, the Healthcare ecosystem is made up of a mesh of interconnected stakeholders, each one charged with a mission to improve the quality of care while lowering its cost.

This creates a network of different players, tied together by multiple links, complex interdependencies, and ever changing industry rules and regulatory practices, which greatly increases the risk of error, losses, arbitrage or fraud.

Healthcare Losses

Healthcare Losses

Healthcare operations are being affected by the increased complexity and variety of the treatments offered to patients, their corresponding codification, the extremely diverse knowledge of the professionals involved, as well as to the complexity of the contracts between providers, patients and insurances. This leads to heightened financial and operational risks, with potential losses from 5% up to 10% of the total revenues.

Efficiently managing a Healthcare Institution implies a strict control over complex business processes. Factors such as the high volume of patients and diversity of clinical services provided, the complexity of the revenue chain covering multiple departments and systems, the co-existence of several systems and distinct sales cycles (e.g. interaction with multiple payment entities), and the operational vulnerabilities to which processes and tools are exposed (e.g. errors on the registering and validation of patient data, production and billing data, integration faults, collection delays, etc.) contribute to a considerable revenue leakage exposure.

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