Mobileum is a world-class reference provider not only for Telecom, but also in Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services and other industries.

Lost & Fraud Prevention Store Profit Protection and Inventory Policy

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Revenue Cycle Management and Fraud Prevention

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Control Fraud, improve Risk control and avoid losses

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Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection and Prevention

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Leading provider of analytics solutions for the Telecom industry

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We deliver continuous automated auditing through our Active Platform RAID, linking insights into action in a single place. Our software is deployed across several industries and spans multiple use cases, being meant to increase revenue, decrease costs, enhance customer experience and ensure operational efficiency.

With a strong record of innovation and a continuous automation auditing approach, Mobileum is highly recognized by the market and its customers for its ability to extract value from data, detecting patterns, behaviors, relationships and insights, converting them into real-time actions that create a tangible value for our customers. 

Quick ROI < 1 Year

Digital transformation accelerates business and increases risk exposure

Today’s world is more complex and spins faster than ever, which generates losses:

  • Business in constant flux, with very fast product development cycles.
  • Multiple business systems, with complex processes and technology upgrades.
  • Scarcity of specialized people.
  • Fast turn around and many inefficient and ineffective manual checks and controls.
  • Large sets of data being processed and analyzed.

Mobileum supports clients navigating these challenges, with a continuous automated auditing approach

Industries increasingly need a solution that ties the several pieces of their business altogether and that allows to:

  • Address problems as they occur (i.e. perform real-time detection).
  • Offer big data Advanced Analytics and ML based solution to uncover both known and unknown fraud schemes.
  • Ensure a comprehensive risk coverage, not limited to sample based, infrequent checking.
  • Leverage disparate data across various systems, internal and external sources, making sense of them all and identifying abnormal patterns.

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