We invite you to be part of our ambitious, close-knit team creating systems for large customers who need to crunch through Tbps of data in real-time. Our competitive advantage lies in performance-oriented software engineering and maximum resource utilisation.

Our data processing pipeline begins with our proprietary NCORE engine (capable of pattern matching 5M patterns at 100Gb/s per 2RU), and passes through an online analytics engine, a custom-built, high-performance declarative aggregation system, ending in several finely-tuned data stores, from Postgres and Kafka, to our home-grown high throughput storage engine.

It empowers our analysts and helps us respond quickly to the most complex customer demands.

In the process, we leverage industry-standard tools, the full power of Linux, and optimised in-house software to achieve maximum performance, flexibility, and data integrity.

We know the devil is in the details. You will help us build new APIs and maintain our existing services by delivering robust and clean code to perform high-volume and low-latency processing.

We work end-to-end. You will cooperate with our solution owners, as well as fellow developers in the API, Analytics, Engine, QA, and Web teams to translate customer needs into efficient data processing pipelines, and help build the APIs that leverage these pipelines.


As an API developer, you will work as part of the API team that designs and maintains the optimized, scalable, and performant querying, filtering, processing and serving of aggregated and real-time data.

Using Python, and leveraging SQL, relational and time-series DBs, and in-house storage and querying layers, you will be responsible for designing, building, testing, delivering, and maintaining our service APIs, from the specifications stage to production deployments.

You will collaborate with our Analytics, Engine, Web, and QA teams to deliver reliable, reusable, and extendable, API services.


  • Proficiency in Linux-based systems and development tools
  • Minimum 3 years experience in Python programming
  • Experience in writing REST-like API services
  • Proficiency in SQL, experience with Postgres and/or shell scripting, and familiarity with a web framework such as Flask, Django, Pyramid, CherryPy, etc. are all nice-to-haves and will be considered as a plus

 If you feel that you've got what it takes to work with us and want to join a dynamic team, apply now with your updated CV by sending an email to Careers.Greece@mobileum.com