Test Automation Documentation

Release Note

Mobile Testing and Test Automation 9.4.0


User Guides

Mobile Testing Enterprise Interactive User Guide (device interaction)

Studio Scripting Guide

UIAutomation Compatibility for iOS Application 


Helpful Information

Mobile Testing Enterprise Guide to Image Matching
Mobile Testing Enterprise Guide to Text Matching
Best Practices for Object Scripting
White Paper: Building a Test Device List with the Device Planner



Mobile Testing Enterprise Java API
Mobile Testing Enterprise Java Examples

How to Videos

Create a Project and Add Devices to the Project
Adapt the Same Script to Other Devices
Create an Action and Implement a Script on One Device
Use Record Feature
Use Drag-and-Drop Feature
Use Objects – Touch, Edit and Swipe
Use Wait Event – Image, Text, and Object
Create Loop and Data Set
Use Extract Text Feature
Execute Attended Automation
Install Application Using an APK File
Create Test Cases

Create Logic If Statements