Security & Threat Analytics

Future-Proof your Network

Your network is at risk from known and unknown threats. Our unique approach to network security can protect your customers, your revenue and your reputation, now and into the future.

Mobile network security attacks have the potential to cause untold damage both financial and reputational, to CSPs all over the world. Attackers are constantly threatening your network and your customers. From message and call interceptions, to denial of service attacks against individual subscribers as well as the network, to network scanning and billing & charging threats, the avenues of attack are growing.

It is estimated that less than 20% of CSPs are currently scanning all relevant connection points for security vulnerabilities.

Mobileum's Security & Threat Analytics solution empowers CSPs with the confidence that their vulnerable network components are being monitored and protected, with flexible and intelligent analytics-based security.

Our Active Intelligence technology can monitor and correlate multiple types of signalling traffic over long periods and uses behavioural analytics to identify abnormal or suspicious traffic. It also categorizes the impact and intent of these anomalies, and powers our intelligent firewall to act in real-time to defend against threats.

Our solution has the flexibility and intelligence to handle both current and new threats allowing CSPs to focus on their business and not their security.