Counter Fraud Analytics

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Moving at the Speed of Fraud

Modern Fraud techniques evolve as new services and technologies come online and as customer behavior changes.

Traditional fraud solutions do not cope well as fraud methods get sophisticated and rule-based systems are intrinsically difficult to keep up to date. Most solutions are reactive rather than proactive, and only see a part of the problem.

Mobileum's approach is different.

Fraudsters exploit the time it takes to discover their new schemes. If you can move fast enough, you can make it uneconomical for them to operate on your network. Attacking their profitability is the best way to change their behaviour. We work to discover and implement these approaches which can deter the fraudsters for good.

Mobileum's unique Active Intelligence platform combines real-time predictive and behavioural analytics with integrated action on the network. This approach allows us discover and act to stop certain categories of fraud much faster than other fraud solutions.

Our solution is built from the ground up using the latest big-data analytics capabilities. This allows us to deal with more parameters, more types and bigger volumes of data, so that we can cast a wider net and automatically discover new fraud patterns which would be missed by traditional systems.

Our approach allows us to co-exist with traditional FMS solutions, and deliver significant incremental value. We were able to deliver additional value within 3 months to a North American customer, running in parallel to their existing systems, and delivered tens of millions in additional value in the first year.