Test Factory

Full-spectrum mobile testing platform

Ensure Quality of Service both at home and abroad with the most comprehensive cloud-based testing tool available

Worldwide Coverage

Covering more than 10,000 VLRs around the globe in addition to 230+ mobile robots

Proactive Care

Allows for GRQ monitoring, multiple roaming and domestic scenarios and event testing

Faster Roaming Agreements

Completes IREG testing in a fraction of the time allowing for faster completion of agreements


Testing and troubleshooting can be scheduled or on-demand


Aids in the detection of SIM boxes


Aids in the roll out of VoLTE and VoLTE testing

Product Overview

Mobileum’s Test Factory product provides operators access to over 10,000 VLRs worldwide as well as an additional 230+ mobile robots.

Test Factory is a highly-efficient and cost-effective mobile testing platform for both domestic and roaming scenarios, covering mission critical areas such as service assurance, roaming activation and fraud prevention.

The solution proactively detects service issues, informs about trends and feeds a unique KPI-driven dashboard. There is no equivalent in the market today.