Signalling Security Analytics

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Intelligent Network Protection

Secure your network against known and unknown threats using best-in-class, big-data based behavioural analytics. Protect the privacy of your customers, your reputation, and your revenue.

Technology Agnostic

Correlating SS7 and Diameter, and extensible to additional technologies

Advanced Analytics

Leveraging behavioral analytics to identify location and intent of attack

Integrated Action

Combines with integrated firewall for active threat response

Product Overview

Mobileum’s Signalling Security Analytics product uses highly-advanced machine learning based algorithms to detect and protect from threats in real-time. Correlating signalling across multiple protocols, it detects attacks and attackers using intelligence methods applied on large data sets both historical and real-time. It uses an innovative scoring approach which gives granular insight into the source and nature of security threats. It can also detect unexpected outlier patterns which herald new attacks or attack types.

The product integrates with our advanced mobile security firewall which can block threats in real-time based on operator configured rules or new analytical insights.

Rules and findings based on Fraud & Security Group specifications come pre-packaged.

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