ROVNG Travel

Travel monetization brought to you

Monetize roaming by leveraging Mobileum’s ROVNG travel ecosystem to provide unmatched travel domain services to roaming subscribers both before and during roaming episodes.

Out-of-the-Box Ecosystem

Provides a fully-featured, proven travel ecosystem on day one. No requirement for individual bilateral agreements

Insightful Analytics

Provides anonymised traveller data which can be monetized with external travel companies and tourism boards

ROVNG Application

Out-of-the-Box smartphone application which can be branded and promoted to operator subscribers


ROVNG Application provides opportunity to monetize advertising and all transactions undertaking via the ecosystem earn generous commission

Product Overview

Mobileum’s ROVNG Travel Ecosystem provides operators the opportunity to generate heretofore untapped revenues from roaming subscribers.

The solution provides passive monetization revenues as the roaming traveller data is processed and aggregated and then merged with other travel datasets to provide insights of real value to travel companies and tourism boards. These types of data are useful in defining market shares or generating travel forecasts.

The ROVNG smartphone application actively monetises the roaming subscriber by providing them with access to a world-class travel ecosystem back-end. This allows subscribers to book flights, hotels and taxis, restaurants and tourist activities all from a single place. In addition, operators can also present roaming bundles to subscribers at the right time which can be fulfilled via the application.