Mobile Security Firewall

Secure Enforcement of Intelligent Policy

Assure the security of your network with our analytics-driven firewall. Our reliable security firewall works in tandem with our cutting edge analytics to prevent threats in real-time.

MAP Firewall

Including HLR Lookups, Message Flooding and Subscriber denial of service vulnerabilities

SMS Firewall

Including interception, injection, flooding and congestion vulnerabilities

SCCP Firewall

Including filtering at SCCP level, and addressing TCAP message authentication and injection vulnerabilities

SCTP Firewall

Traffic Rate limiting and anti-spoofing, including SCTP port manipulations, IP Device intrusions and access control lists

Re-Routing Filtered Messages

Redirection based on message type, and offloaded for further analysis


1+1 redundancy, SNMP alarms, Logging & Tracing

Product Overview

Mobileum's Security Firewall combines with probing to deliver a rich set of features to secure your network. This combination of passive probing & active signalling, including SS7 and Diameter, provides for detection & screening of all relevant messages.

Its rich set of features include connection management, the screening and validation of messages, maintenance of context across messages, validation of message parameters and management of flooding for prevention of denial of service attacks.

Our firewall is powered by our signalling analytics product to intelligently prevent known and unknown threats.