Interconnect Revenue Analytics

Intelligent Interconnect Reconciliation

Fully account for inbound and outbound roaming revenue and costs with a best-in-class analytics solution for interconnect reconciliation

Automated Billing Reconciliation

Provides automated wholesale partner billing reconciliation alerts and analysis reports

Anomaly Detection

Reports anomalies on interconnect reconciliation between operator and interconnect partners

Invoice Generation

Automatically generates invoices to interconnect partner for recovery of costs due to billing errors and duration anomalies among others

Margin Simulation & Analysis

Provides function for operators perform wholesale-retail profitability and margin analysis and optimisation

Traffic Segmentation Reports

Provides visual segmentation reports showing number of calls and minutes by interconnect partner, country, locality, destination operator and service type among others

Product Overview

Mobileum’s Interconnect Revenue Analytics solution enables operators to maximise roaming revenue and minimise revenue leakage from interconnect reconciliation errors.

The solution collects, ingests, processes and correlates all relevant CDRs and performs a full reconciliation across the various interconnect operators while at the same time detecting anomalies on incoming interconnect settlement requests. It also provide near real-time, historical and trend-based reports and insights on Key Performance Indicators from Interconnect trunks, per carrier, source, destination or any combination thereof. This information is all provided via a clear, intuitive, customized display.

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